Tory Burch

The Tory Burch line of eyewear is exclusive to women and has embraced enchanting, graceful styles with a dash of quirkiness that keeps people guessing about the eyewear. These quirks help give the eyewear a huge amount of utility in that they can be mixed and matched with different outfits for different looks, but always have the same level of sensuality and beauty. This is best exemplified by the TY6010. Its Aviator/Pilot styled frames look best on those wonderful women who have been blessed with square, oval, and heart shaped faces. They’re made of metal that is sturdy, adjustable, and features excellent resistance to corrosion. Additionally, they can maintain their shape and stability over time and wear. The plastic lenses are thin and lightweight and offer marvelous optical quality. Gradient lenses can be used instead for a more fashionable look and more utility because of their ability to adjust to the level of incoming light. This model is all about being bold, playful, colorful, and expressive. If you would like to see this model in greater detail, or even scope out other similar, hot and new models, you can check out our inventory at Couture Optical. You lovely ladies can have your pick of eyeglasses and/or sunglasses in a variety of different styles, such as the aforementioned Aviator/Pilot, Oval, Rectangular, Round, Square, Pillow, Phantos, Butterfly, and Cat-Eye. There are some truly standout colors that you can pick from, including Amber, Amber Tortoise, Black Purple, Blue Green, Coconut, Gold Black, Honey, Khaki, Lime, Navy, Ox Blood, Seaport, and Teal. Many of the products are discounted 20% to make them more affordable. Our experts will help you find your picture-perfect Tory Burch eyewear!

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