Tiffany and Co.

Tiffany and Co. has the reputation of being a timeless brand that has always adapted to meet the stylistic needs of women during each and every significant time period. It has perfectly symbolized the unique New York style from the times of the Roaring Twenties to the simplicity of life post-World War II and so on and so forth. This is best exemplified in the TF3021. Its Aviator frames look their best on those lovely ladies with heart, square, and oval shaped faces. They’re made of metal, which has excellent sturdiness and corrosion resistance. Its polycarbonate lenses provide the wearer clear, sharp vision, possesses superb impact resistance, and completely protects from UV radiation. This model is from the extremely popular Return to Tiffany Collection and is marked as such by its shiny metal engraved Tiffany Hearts on the temples that are so unique that they remind you that they’re not just ordinary hearts – they’re Tiffany hearts. You can get this model and many of the other hottest, newest models here at Couture Optical. We offer optical and sunwear in a variety of different styles, including the aforementioned Aviator, plus Oval, Rectangular, Round, Square, Phantos, Irregular, Butterfly, and Cat-Eye. There is a diverse color palette that decorates Tiffany eyewear, including colors such as Beige Pink, Black Blue, Black Red, Cherry, Cyclamen, Gold, Honey, Ivory, Pearl, Silver Blue, and Turquoise. With discounts of 20% off of the regular retail prices and our eye care specialists, you will definitely be able to find an affordable, fashionable pair of eyewear that meets your every need, want, and desire!

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