Ray-Ban is the quintessential brand of sunglasses with innovations such as the Aviator style and gradient lenses. It has been creating premier, vintage designs since its inception that have been loved and appreciated by everyone. All other brands have been directly competing with Ray-Ban and are hoping to reach a similar level of success. The RB3025 is a perfect example of why Ray-Ban is as successful as it is. It features the idiosyncratic Ray-Ban Aviator styled frames that perfectly fit those of us who have been blessed with square, oval, and heart shaped faces. They’re made of metal, which is sturdy, adjustable, and greatly resistant to corrosion. The lenses are plastic, which is lightweight and has amazing optical quality. They can be polarized to completely protect the wearer from the sun’s emitted UV radiation. The double bridge makes it fit more comfortably on the nose, especially for those of us who have long noses. If you desire this model, which has been worn and endorsed by Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman, and other hot, new models like it, then come on down to Couture Optical and see what we have to offer. There are eyewear products for both sexes in a variety of styles, including the classic Aviator/Pilot, Rectangular, Round, Square, Wayfarer, and Clubmaster. There is a great deal of colors to choose from, with the RB3025 alone featuring the majority of them. These colors include Arista Gold, Gold Blue, Gold Gray Green, Gold Pink, and Silver Pink, among many others. With 20% discounts for affordable eyewear and the help of our eye care professionals, you will most definitely be able to find the perfect Ray-Ban eyewear!


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