Persol products are all handmade with excellent craftsmanship with the highest quality materials available. Nothing says Persol quite like the Supreme Arrow that decorates the temples of both their eyeglasses and sunglasses. Having been inspired by the honorable traditions of ancient warriors in ages past, the vintage Supreme Arrow makes Persol eyewear products a must-have for bold, powerful people of action. This can be seen in the men’s sunglasses model PO0714. Its Aviator styled frames are customarily designed to accommodate square, oval, and heart shaped faces that many of us are blessed to have. Its photo-polarized crystal lenses can both adapt the tinting of the lenses according to the amount of incoming light for clear, sharp vision in all situations and block glare. The classical Persol Meflecto patent system on the temple hinges makes these sunglasses very comfortable and flexible. The Victor Flex bridge makes this model a more comfortable fit for those who faces aren’t particularly suited for Aviator styled frames. You can find these features in many of our other hot, new Persol models here at Couture Optical. We have eyewear for both men and women in a variety of different styles to suit different looks, such as Oval, Square, Round, Rectangular, Phantos, Cat-Eye, Butterfly, and the aforementioned Aviator/Pilot. The color palette includes unique shades and hues, such as Amber, Anthracite, Cobalt, Miele, and Ossidiana, among others. With our 20% discounts and eye care professionals, you will surely find a pair of Persol eyewear that will suit your fancy!


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