Bvlgari is known for its luxurious, top-notch quality products whose fine detail and craftsmanship primarily relies on its usage of rhinestones to provide resplendence. Indeed, many of its eyewear can be found to adorn small diamantes and the signature Bvlgari Swarovski crystals. If you want high-end eyewear with absolute perfection in its design, then Bvlgari should be your brand of choice. Couture Optical carries the hottest, newest Bvlgari models in its stock, such as the BV5028 from Bvlgari’s Tubogas Collection of 2014. We carry many other models in our collection as well. Both men and women have their own exclusively designed Bvlgari eyewear. We have specially styled frames, such as Oval, Round, Square, Rectangular, Aviator, Pillow, Phantos, Oversized, Cat-Eye, and Butterfly, to accommodate all of the different face shapes that people are blessed with. Bvlgari has used a very versatile color palette in its eyewear products, featuring bold, vivid colors such as Azure, Black, Bordeaux, Cherry, Cocoa, Cyclamen, Gold, Havana, Palladium, Pink Gold, Striped Honey, and many others. Many of our Bvlgari products are priced at a 20% discount off their regular retail prices. Come on down to Couture Optical and let our eye care specialists find you a pair of Bvlgari eyewear that will suit your fancy and meet your every need, want, and desire!

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